There are many variables that affect  the wound healing process, but one that is consistently overlooked is stress. There are  studies that explore the link between pain, stress levels, and recovery from surgery.  In one study published in 2011, researchers found a significant link between stress and the ability for the body to repair itself following surgery. Ultimately, they found that “psychological stress can lead to clinically relevant delays in wound healing.”1

In another study from 2012, researchers once again found that stress levels can impair the healing process. They note that there is a vicious cycle– pain leads to stress, stress leads to impaired ability to heal, and impaired ability to heal exacerbates pain and thus stress levels.

How can we reduce stress in order to promote the healing process?

Practice Good Hygiene!

There are numerous proven ways to lower stress levels– yoga, meditation, music therapy, etc., the list goes on and on.

There are some studies that practicing personal care and hygiene can actually reduce stress levels in day to day life. The trouble is, following surgery, day to day life is altered in ways that can be problematic to the body.

One of the most popular questions that patients have before and after surgery is, “When can I take a shower?” This question is ultimately asking, “When can I get back to some semblance of my normal routine?“ The answer to this question will ultimately be guided by the post operative recovery instructions provided to you by your doctor. we are seeing promising trends emerging from doctors who have been using DrySee® bandages– in one case, a doctor was able to cut their recommended wait time for showering/bathing in half.

There are many benefits that DrySee bandages provide to users, chiefly, peace of mind about the recovery process.

What we have not emphasized enough, however, is that the peace of mind which DrySee offers, can actually help promote the recovery process and reduce the recovery time following surgery. By allowing patients to return to their normal hygiene routine quicker, there is the potential to lower stress levels. By lowering stress levels, users may see a more efficient, quicker healing process.


When a patient has been traumatized from a medical procedure, the importance of lowering stress cannot be understated as it relates to healing both physically and psychologically.

DrySee Bandages can help to reduce stress levels by allowing patients to get back into their normal hygienic routine more quickly (consult your doctor first). The waterproof seal has proven extremely effective in keeping water away from the surgical site whether the user is showering or swimming.