Every year, about 3.6 million open wounds are reported in the United States. For these wounds to properly heal, it’s crucial to keep them covered and protected.

Many clinics keep a wide range of bandages in stock for their patients’ cuts and wounds. But which bandages are best for certain wounds?

Let’s take a look at what regular fabric bandaids are used for and when waterproof bandages may be best for your patient.

When do you use a fabric bandaid?

Adhesive fabric bandages are best used to protect minor wounds, abrasions, and cuts. These types of bandages keep bacteria and dirt away from the wound while reducing friction and further damage.

Adhesive fabric bandages come in a wide array of sizes and there are some brands that are latex-free for patients who are allergic. These bandages are also easily removable, which can be both beneficial and a disadvantage.

On the positive side, the bandaid can be easily removed to check for signs of infection. On the negative side, the bandaid may need to be replaced more than necessary to keep the cut or wound covered. That being said, adhesive fabric bandages are best kept on hand for small cuts and scrapes.

When do you use a waterproof bandage?

Waterproof bandages are more heavy-duty bandaids that protect cuts and scrapes not only from bacteria, dirt, and damage but also from water and other liquids that carry germs. Waterproof bandages are used for small cuts and scrapes, especially by those who live an active lifestyle or work outdoors.

But certain waterproof bandages can do a lot more for your patients than regular adhesive fabric bandages. For instance, extra large waterproof bandages can keep stitches covered to prevent bacteria from coming into contact with the wound while it heals. There are also waterproof surgical bandages available to protect post-surgery wounds while they heal.

Ultimately, both waterproof and regular fabric bandages are effective in different situations. It’s best to keep both types of bandages on hand at your clinic to protect your patients’ wide array of cuts and wounds.

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