extra large waterproof bandagesWhen it comes to selecting the right bandages, it’s important to take into account which ones will best protect your wound from bacteria and contamination. While traditional bandages can be okay for everyday papercuts cuts and small scraps that otherwise wouldn’t be at risk of infection, for deeper cuts or larger wounds, extra large waterproof bandages should be used.

For deeper wounds that need time to heal, keeping them dry and uncontaminated is important to ensure they heal quickly and correctly. If moisture or bacteria is allowed under the bandage it can go on to create an infection that can compromise the healing and potentially make you ill. Extra large waterproof bandages help seal out moisture and bacteria to ensure your wound heals safely and without complication.

Applying Extra Large Waterproof Bandages

Most waterproof bandages feature a peel-apart wrapper that allows you to easily pull and apply to the skin. Once the bandage is in place it’s important to check for any gaps along the edges that might have resulted from an uneven application. These gaps can allow moisture to seep under the bandage and compromise the process. This is especially important if the wound is in a place where it can be exposed to water whether when washing hands or bathing.

Liquid Indicator Strips

Some waterproof bandages also have moisture indicators that consist of bands around the interior pad. These can change color when exposed to water alerting you to the contamination and allowing you to change the bandage as needed. While not all bandages feature this, it can be an important inclusion to look for when purchasing your bandages, as it can allow you to continue your normal activities with less worrying and guesswork.

Checking the Process

Additionally, it is important to remove bandages and check wounds for signs of infections every 24 hours, as recommended by the Center for Disease Control. During this time you may also re-clean the wound if necessary. This process not only allows you to mitigate the risk of unchecked infection, but it can also help keep you aware of how well the wound is healing, and if everything is progressing normally.

Extra large waterproof bandages are something to keep on hand for cuts, scraps, and abrasions that require dry healing. They can help keep wounds clean, promote healing, and allow you to return to your normal activities quicker than alternatives. While everyone certainly hopes to avoid injuries that require bandages, it’s always better to be prepared with the correct tools than to be left using potentially unsanitary options.

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