Gadget Gossip: Mason-inspired tumblers, recycled chairs and neoprene headbands

"Winter is coming, and with that a host of new arrivals will make their way to the desert for the mild winter months. While here, seniors may keep active with an assortment of activities, including tennis, pickleball, bicycling, walking or, of course, golf. Sadly, with keeping active follows the possibility of injury.

Have no fear, DrySee is here. This state-of-the-art new bandage technology is waterproof, breathable and, get this, color changing. Never worry about getting a bandage soaked while swimming or having to constantly change it because you took a shower or got too sweaty.

DrySee changes color if its seal is broken, alerting the wearer that the wound is exposed and the bandage needs to be changed. The perimeter gauze changes color when external fluid breeches the bandages. Additionally, the internal pad will change color when it is saturated with wound fluid. This helps take the guesswork out of trying to remember when you should change your bandage.


Available at Amazon starting at $19.95"

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