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DrySee® Thin Film Waterproof Dressing

"I'm so grateful for the team and man behind this product, DrySee® CEO Brad Greer, for developing this empowering and innovative bandage. The DrySee® mission? To provide bandage solutions that allow patients to live their lives confidently after surgery. I love that word: confidently."

- My Favorite Things

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DrySee featured on The Outdoor Minimalist

DrySee wins Dell for Startups pitch competition in Houston

DrySee donates 10,000 bandages to Ukraine Military

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The Mommy Doctor

"This bandage was AMAZING and truly saved the weekend of swimming for my son! After he swam for over 5 hours the center has a blue color simply from a bit of drainage from his wound, but that outer border is still perfectly white meaning NO WATER in that bandage! Certainly going to order some of these bandages to have at home for the future for all of those "just in case" times that always seem to pop up right as you are heading out of town."`

- Dr. Mindy Calandro, M.D., F.A.A.P.

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