Frequently Asked Questions

Whether recovering from surgery or keeping a minor cut infection free, are important jobs we take seriously. Below are some frequently asked questions.

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What is a liquid intrusion alert?

There are two liquid intrusion indicators present on any DrySee bandage. One of these indicators runs along the perimeter of the bandage, and the other resides in the center of the bandage. On a newly applied bandage, both liquid intrusion indicators will be white in appearance.

If at any point, liquid from outside the bandage or from the wound itself is present, the liquid indicating gauze will begin to turn blue in appearance. This immediately alerts you that it is time to change your bandage.

What sort of adhesive is used on DrySee bandages?

DrySee bandages utilize a very conventional, acrylic adhesive on one side of an occlusive barrier film. It has been designed and tested to minimize irritation with sensitive patients.

During the initial run of our bandages, there is one piece of feedback that is consistent across the board: users of the bandage are pleasantly surprised and excited that they have had no complications or irritation caused by the bandage adhesive.

Where are DrySee bandages manufactured?

DrySee is proudly made in America. The actual manufacturing of the bandages occurs in Minnesota. The manufacturing plant utilizes 100% U.S. cotton. No dyes are used in the manufacturing of DrySee bandages.

Where are DrySee headquarters located?

DrySee bandages is proudly headquartered and operated out of Houston, Texas.

Houston has a great and extensive history of medical care and innovation, DrySee strives to be the next innovative medical product that Houston can be proud of.

Where can I purchase DrySee bandages?

DrySee bandages can be purchased here for consumers.

Medical professionals can either use the above link, call, or email for large orders. Medical professionals are also encouraged to reach out to their distributor to see if they have our product in stock.

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The DrySee absorbent pad incorporates a nonwoven gauze containing 100% USP Cotton cleaned without the use of chlorine. Developed and produced in the USA.