A Visible advantage in wound care.

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Our waterproof adhesive bandage consists of a waterproof covering that protects the wound and a liquid indicating gauze which visually confirms the integrity of the bandage. The water invasion indicators run along the perimeter and comprise the center island of the bandage. Patients and healthcare professionals will quickly see if the waterproof bandage or wound site has been compromised.

A Waterproof Bandage with Built-in Liquid Intrusion Alert

The initial wound treatment and bandaging technique used after surgery can be critical to a patient’s recovery. Our waterproof surgical bandage reduces the likelihood of delays in the healing process as well as unnecessary healthcare expenses by clearly alerting patients to any problems with the bandage. Whether liquid intrusion from the outside or excess fluid from the wound, DrySee provides simple, visual verification of the condition of your waterproof bandages for stitches.