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Available in 3 bandage sizes. Choose the size that’s right for you!

The DrySee absorbent pad incorporates a nonwoven gauze containing 100% USP Cotton cleaned without the use of chlorine. Developed and produced in the USA.

DrySee ships Monday through Friday. Any weekend or holiday orders will ship the next business day.

  • Seal & Heal

    DrySee seals out water and germs with a clear, flexible, non-latex adhesive and non-stick absorbent pad.

  • Waterproof Verified

    DrySee’s color changing liquid intrusion perimeter and pad allows visibility that the wound is protected.

  • Confidence in Healing

    Available in multiple sizes, DrySee’s patented long lasting wound protection promotes healing and alerts you if water gets in.


A Waterproof Bandage with Built-in Liquid Intrusion Alert

The initial wound treatment and bandaging technique used after surgery can be critical to a patient’s recovery. Our waterproof surgical bandage reduces the likelihood of delays in the healing process as well as unnecessary healthcare expenses by clearly alerting patients to any problems with the bandage. Whether liquid intrusion from the outside or excess fluid from the wound, DrySee provides simple, visual verification of the condition of your waterproof bandages for stitches.