Visibly Better Protection

Meet the better waterproof bandage
with built-in liquid intrusion alert. Coming soon!

Seal & Heal

DrySee seals out water and germs with a clear, flexible, non-latex adhesive and non-stick absorbent pad.

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Waterproof Verified

DrySee’s liquid intrusion alert and perimeter protection indicator allows visibility that the wound is protected.

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Confidence in Healing

Available in multiple sizes, DrySee’s patented long lasting wound protection promotes healing and reduces scarring.

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Live Confidently After Surgery

DrySee’s innovative bandage technology provides healthcare professionals and patients recovering from surgery with a clear view to better healing. The patented liquid intrusion indicator lets you know instantly if the bandage has been compromised, meaning showering sooner, no unnecessary bandage changes and visible confidence.

With DrySee, you can return to your normal life, free and clear. Coming soon!

See Why It’s Time to Change Your Bandage to DrySee

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A Consumer Reports study proves that many of the “waterproof” bandages currently available simply aren’t effective*. Not only do DrySee bandages provide a secure seal around the wound area, they also offer simple, visual proof that protection is intact.

* Consumer Reports November 2010

DrySee Success Stories

As a Podiatrist, I see a variety of wounds. The most common question after surgery or a wound check is, “when can I shower?” For the first time, I can say, “today”! Using DrySee has allowed me to apply a dressing on the first post-operative visit to cover the sutures and keep the surgical incision clean, dry and intact. No more asking the patient to use a cast cover in the shower or slide into the bathtub with crutches, which can be very difficult. DrySee is a great addition to the post-operative and wound care dressings I use on a daily basis. It is truly next generation in the dressing world.

Hope A Jacoby, DPM
Board Qualified Foot & Ankle Surgeon
Texas Foot & Ankle Pros
Texas Wound Pros
Dallas, Texas

In a time when hospitals are moving patients to home care soon after surgery, the responsibility for wound care falls on the patient’s loved ones. Recently, following my wife’s knee surgery, I discovered DrySee™ wound protection. Not only were the dressings safe and easy to use, but also water resistant and moisture indicating. What a God send! My wife was able to shower immediately, no plastic wraps or garbage bags to protect the wound area like so many of us have had to endure. Surgery is never easy, but the DrySee line of bandages made the process so much easier. Thank you DrySee!

Michael Robinson
Houston, Texas

Visibly Better Protection

Meet the better waterproof bandage
with built-in liquid intrusion alert. Coming soon!