Summertime Pool Safety

During the hot summer months, America sees a spike in pool usage and water activities. We all know the typical safety precautions, like not running by a pool, but what are some other ways we can stay safe this summer? Here are a few safety concerns that often get overlooked and that people should be more aware of.

A new trend is renting out your backyard pool. You should always check your homeowner's insurance policy to see if there are any exclusions for transactions that include leasing out your pool to others and make sure your chemicals are at appropriate levels. It is very important to check that any cut or open wound is properly protected, prior to getting in the water. DrySee is the world's only waterproof bandage with liquid indication to ensure that your wound is sealed. If while swimming with DrySee there is any water intrusion, the bandage will change colors to alert the swimmer that it's time to change their bandage.

One other important factor to be conscious of, is overall water quality. In different bodies of water, there are various bacteria present that could further lead to wound infection. This could include bacteria such as Vibrio, also known as the flesh eating bacteria commonly found in saltwater or brackish water. It is critical to keep wounds sealed from water to prevent exposure to harmful bacteria and pathogens. To ensure that your water is at safe conditions, it is recommended to be prepared with water testing kits. These can be found at most places where pool supplies are sold and are easy and portable to travel with.

In order to reduce risk of water contamination and wound infection, DrySee is the best option to keep you protected. No other bandage can provide confidence that your wound is dry and gives clear indication if your bandage is wet. For better wound healing, stay dry with DrySee!

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