Superior Practices in Tattoo Aftercare

Did you know that around 21% of Americans have tattoos? That amounts to around 45 million people in the US, with rates still increasing. Additionally, a 2017 study showed that 11% of Americans with tattoos are planning to get them removed. With this dramatic increase in activity within the tattoo industry, it’s important that people are utilizing proper tattoo aftercare practices.

What many may not realize is that fresh tattoos are considered open wounds, and must be treated as such. Immediately after receiving a new tattoo, patients are instructed to keep their bandages on for at least 6 hours, but optimally up to 48 hours. New tattoos often release plasma or excess ink during these first days, and it’s important to keep the area dry in the event that this happens. It’s also critical that the tattoo site remains dry and protected from sunlight during this time.

Tattoo artists use a variety of forms of bandages on their clients, however not all coverings are created equal. It’s important to find a bandage that is secure and comfortable to allow patients to take the best care of their fresh tattoo while still carrying on with their lives. Most artists use generic waterproof bandages that are unreliable, or even plastic wrap which is both uncomfortable and leaves the wound site vulnerable to outside contaminants.

To ensure that your tattoo is in the best care, DrySee bandages are designed to block out external moisture or components that could impair a fresh tattoo. Other bandage solutions leave the patient either uncomfortable or unsure if their tattoo is dry and sealed. Only DrySee's liquid indication can let you know for sure whether or not your tattoo is dry. For better aftercare and better healing solutions, choose DrySee bandages for your next tattoo!

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