Treating playground injuries on the spot

You made it to the neighborhood playground on a bright and sunny morning. Your child is playing on the monkey bars while you sit on a shaded bench, chatting with other parents and sipping an iced latte.


Your tranquility is shattered, however, when you hear your child's familiar wail. Will your day at the playground be cut short or ruined? That does not have to be the case! Most common playground injuries can be treated quickly if you have a Drysee Bandage on hand. Here are three of the most common playground blunders to look out for, as well as how to treat them right away.


  1. A small cut or scrape


Like most parents, you've probably seen your child's scraped knees and minor cuts. Don't let an insignificant injury ruin your day. You can treat your child's scrapes on the playground right away. First, get some antibiotic ointment, gauze, and your Drysee bandage out of your First Aid Kit.


Wrap the cut in gauze and apply pressure for about 30 seconds if it is still bleeding. When the bleeding has stopped, dab a dab of antibiotic ointment on the wound gently. Once the Drysee bandage is applied to the wound, your child is ready to go. Keep an eye on the wound to ensure proper healing, and seek medical attention if it appears deep, contains debris, or will not stop bleeding.


  1. Blisters


Blisters can be caused by ill-fitting shoes or sand in the shoes when your child runs around in the park. It's understandable that your child is dissatisfied and refuses to play with these little monsters. Get your antibiotic ointment and gauze out of your trusty first aid kit and your Drysee bandage as soon as possible and get them back on the teeter totter.


It may be tempting to pop the blister, but doing so can lead to infection. Instead, apply antibiotic ointment to the wound and wrap it in a Drysee bandage it. Replace your child's shoe with care, and they're ready to go! Wash the area and change the gauze dressing at least once a day until the blister heals. If it appears to be infected, take your child to the doctor.


  1. The sliver or splinter


If a splinter is causing your child's tears, there is good news: it is extremely simple to treat. Grab the premium tweezers from your First Aid Kit to prepare for surgery. Distract your child with the kit's fun kid stickers as you gently pull the splinter from their skin. Apply a dab of antibiotic ointment to the affected area to prevent infection and apply a Drysee bandage. Keep an eye on the area, and if it becomes red or swollen, seek medical attention. The purpose of your Drysee bandage is to help you ensure that the sound of your child crying does not signal the end of your peaceful playground time. With your super-parent magic and the essential tools in your First Aid Kit and your Drysee bandages you can easily treat these common playground injuries and get your child back on the swings!

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