DrySee® Liquid Indicator Waterproof Bandage Helps Protect Glucose Monitors

Proprietary gauze changes color if water breaches when bathing or swimming

The millions of people who rely on continuous glucose monitors to manage diabetes have a new option for added liquid protection when bathing or swimming. DrySee®, a medical technology company dedicated to improving wound care, announces its patented waterproof bandage with liquid intrusion alert can be used to cover glucose monitors like the Abbott Freestyle Libre or Dexcom G6.

“While glucose monitors like the Freestyle Libre or Dexcom G6 can be worn when showering or swimming according to manufacturer guidelines, many users prefer to have an added layer of protection for peace of mind,” said DrySee CEO Brad Greer. “DrySee is a unique covering because it is the only waterproof covering that will change colors to indicate if the seal has been compromised and water has infiltrated.”

DrySee’s waterproof bandages provide a secure, waterproof covering. If water or other liquids make their way into the bandage, the liquid indicating gauze along the perimeter of the bandage will turn a dark blue color. DrySee’s color changing, liquid intrusion alert takes the guesswork out of replacing bandages because it is easy to see if the bandage is wet or dry. DrySee bandages can last for up to 3 or 4 days, so people may even be able to reduce the number of bandage changes that they need to complete during healing.

DrySee bandages are available in packages of 25 in 2x2 inch,4x4 inch, and 5x10 inch sizes. DrySee liquid indicating bandages are waterproof, sterile, disposable, breathable and non-latex. For more information and ordering, visit Amazon or www.drysee.com.

About DrySee

DrySee’s mission is to provide bandage solutions that allow patients to live their lives confidently after surgery. The DrySee team saw a need in the medical industry for a more secure and effective dressing to ensure better post-op healing and created a revolutionary waterproof dressing that changes color to indicate if the bandage has been compromised.

The cutting-edge, patented DrySee technology helps to lower both staff and material costs while improving patient compliance and experience.

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