DrySee® Protects First Responders with Injuries While on the Job

Police, fire and EMS workers can reduce exposure to contaminants, infection with DrySee®

DrySee®, a patented bandage that changes colors to indicate it should be changed, is now available for government agencies, and state and local emergency services personnel. DrySee® patented waterproof bandages with liquid intrusion alert are designed to provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind to those who risk their lives to save others.

Whether they are members of law enforcement, EMS, firefighters, or the armed services, in the line of duty these heroes frequently encounter injuries that require prompt and effective wound care. While these wounds are healing, first responders also need reliable protection to avoid an elevated infection risk. Protecting and caring for these wounds while on the job is a challenge, and traditional bandages or wound coverings often fall short in maintaining a clean and infection-free healing environment.

DrySee®'s waterproof bandages offer a secure, waterproof covering for low exudate wounds. What sets them apart is the revolutionary color-changing technology. The bandage's gauze barrier around the perimeter initially appears light blue. If any liquid, whether it's water, blood, or other bodily fluids, penetrates this barrier, it undergoes a noticeable color change to dark blue. This visual transformation serves as a clear signal that it's time to change the bandage.

If liquid manages to breach the second adhesive ring and reaches the wound site or if the wound itself starts to seep fluid, the internal gauze pad within the bandage also turns dark blue. This dual-layer alert system ensures that first responders receive a clear and unmistakable signal when a bandage change is necessary.

The risk of infection is a constant concern for first responders, as any infection can impact their ability to perform their crucial duties effectively. According to the Centers for Disease Control, surgical site infections occur in 2% to 4% of all patients undergoing inpatient surgical procedures, making them a leading cause of readmissions following surgery. DrySee® bandages offer a vital solution in reducing this risk.

By providing first responders with a visual cue for when bandage changes are needed, DrySee® helps them stay proactive in their wound care. Instead of relying on guesswork or changing bandages based on how they "seem," these bandages provide a clear indication of when it's time for a replacement. Furthermore, DrySee bandages are designed to last for up to three days, potentially reducing the frequency of bandage changes and minimizing the risk of contamination.

DrySee bandages are available for online purchase in packages of 25 or 4/6 units depending on size. These bandages are not only waterproof but also sterile, disposable, breathable, and non- latex. Each bandage can be used for up to three days. To learn more about DrySee bandages and make a purchase, visit www.drysee.com.

About DrySee

DrySee’s mission is to provide bandage solutions that allow patients to live their lives confidently after surgery. The DrySee team saw a need in the medical industry for a more secure and effective dressing to ensure better post-op healing and created a revolutionary waterproof dressing that changes color to indicate if the bandage has been compromised. The cutting-edge, patented DrySee technology helps to lower both staff and material costs while improving patient compliance and experience.

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