How It Works

How the DrySee™ Waterproof Adhesive Bandage Works

A Visible Advantage in Wound Care

Our waterproof adhesive bandage consists of a waterproof covering that protects the wound and a liquid indicating gauze which visually confirms the integrity of the bandage. The water invasion indicators run along the perimeter and comprise the center island of the bandage. Patients and healthcare professionals will quickly see if the waterproof bandage wrap or wound site has been compromised.

Our waterproof adhesive bandages are essential protective medical supplies. They help to protect wounds, burns, cuts, and abrasions from dirt, germs, and water. Other bandages help to conceal and improve the healing of wounds, but DrySee waterproof adhesive bandages give you a visual signal when your bandage has been compromised.

DrySee waterproof wound sealant bandages protect your wound with a waterproof seal that makes it difficult for water to enter the wound site. The waterproof bandage wrap contains a liquid-indicating gauze which changes color to visually confirm the integrity of the bandage. 

When the bandage is clean and dry, the gauze remains white. When the bandage is contaminated, the gauze changes to a deep blue color along the perimeter of the bandage. 

Patients and healthcare professionals alike will be able to quickly see if the waterproof bandage has been compromised. This takes the guesswork out of replacing waterproof bandage tape and dressings. Healthcare professionals will be able to quickly tell that the bandage has been contaminated and that the wound site needs to be cleaned, dried, and have the bandage removed and replaced.

Some bandages leave open channels that are created by skin folds or body hair. These channels allow water to soak into the bandage and the wound site, compromising both. This leaves patients feeling insecure about their wound’s proper healing and may keep them from going about their daily, active lives. That isn’t the case with DrySee.

DrySee waterproof adhesive bandages allow you to keep your wound site free from moisture without any open channels whether your wound is located on your leg, arm, or shoulder. Effective wound care and protection is vital for proper healing, and you can feel confident knowing that your wound is secure because you can see it’s protected with DrySee waterproof adhesive bandages.

Visibly Better Protection

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