How to Care for Yourself After Leaving a Wound Care Facility

Roughly 3.6 million open wounds are reported every year in the United States. Some of these wounds require the specialized care you can only find at wound facilities. While the medical professionals at these facilities will provide treatment to help heal your wound, it likely will not be completely healed by the time you leave, and you will need to continue a care regimen on your own. Discover some of the most important tips for caring for yourself after leaving a wound care facility.

Visibly Better Protection

DrySee color-changing bandages that let you know if they’ve been compromised are the best way to keep your wound safe and clean. Purchase DrySee bandages today to have the latest in wound care in your medicine cabinet or first-aid kit. Use code BLOG20 to get 20% off your DrySee order. Know Your Care Goals

Before you leave the wound care facility, have a conversation with your doctor or nurse about what your care are. Depending on your situation, your care goals will likely focus on healing, maintenance, or comfort. With wound healing as your goal, your care regimen is going to focus on wound granulation and eventual closure. If, however, your wound is unlikely to heal, you will focus on wound maintenance by keeping the wound clean, stable, and free of infection. The goal of comfort will typically focus on using dressings that cause less pain, control odors, adequately absorb drainage, and that you can change less frequently. If this is one of your goals, try liquid indicating, waterproof bandages from DrySee. They are comfortable, and have a water invasion indicator so you can visibly see when your bandage has become wet and needs to be changed. Keep in mind, that these goals can overlap and evolve as time goes on. Make sure that you adjust your care plan to keep up with your evolving needs.

Support Wound Healing with Lifestyle Changes

While caring for your wound is central to it healing properly, you can also support that healing with some key lifestyle changes, if approved by your doctor. Anyone with a healing wound should get rest, consume healthy foods, and drink fluids. This will give your body the energy it needs to heal the wound. Your doctor may also prescribe you antibiotics to prevent infection in the wound and it is essential that you take the medication exactly as your doctor instructs. There are other changes you may need to make, depending on any health conditions you may have and care instructions provided by your doctor. People with diabetes who have foot wounds, for instance, need to control their glycemic levels through following dietary recommendations and medication regimens. Patients who smoke cigarettes should start a program to quit, as smoking can inhibit the healing process. Be sure to speak with your doctor before you leave the wound care facility so that you know exactly what lifestyle changes you may need to make in order to heal properly.

Choose the Right Bandage from DrySee

Liquid indicating, waterproof wound sealant bandages are preferred for providing maximum protection to healing wounds. Liquid indicating, waterproof bandages will help prevent infection and properly cover the wound so that it does not re-open or become irritated. Liquid indicating, waterproof bandages from DrySee offer excellent protection, both in water and out of water. They can last up to four days without being compromised. Best of all, DrySee bandages have a water invasion indicator that turns blue to let you know if water seeps inside before it reaches the wound site. The bandages come in several convenient sizes. DrySee’s patent pending, liquid indicating bandage allows patients to shower the same day of their procedure, and offers greater control in their post-surgical care. Make sure that you are properly caring for yourself after you leave a wound care facility and do not settle for less than the best when it comes to waterproof wound sealant bandages. Purchase DrySee bandages to provide the ultimate wound protection that you deserve. Take advantage of the ongoing discount at DrySee and use the promotion code “BLOG20” when you purchase bandages at DrySee, Inc. invites the Internet user community to browse and peruse for the purpose of personal entertainment, information, and education. The health information contained herein is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace discussions with a healthcare provider.

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